Whether it be improved athleticism on the field, faster explosions out of the starting blocks, or more powerful kicks to finish off a 10km race, it is evident anaerobic power is ever-improving across a broad number of sports. Anaerobic Power and Peak Power Output (PPO) have thus become components of interest to test in the gym. 

The most common test used to measure PPO is traditionally the Windgate Anaerobic Test which is thought to be the gold standard of anaerobic testing.

The Windgate Anaerobic Test is generally carried out in a laboratory, which makes it difficult to replicate ourselves. However, the Six second PPO Test is a simplified version we can use here in the gym.  

The Six Second PPO test measures your highest peak power and cadence. To perform the test on a Watt Bike, you would ride as hard as you can for 6 seconds. Your peak power and peak RPM are usually attained within the first few pedal revolutions.

A peer-reviewed study (Herbert et al., 2015) found a significant correlation of PPO results between the 30 Second Windgate Test, the Modified Six Second Windgate, and the Six Second Peak PPO Test on a WattBike.

The Six Second PPO Test gives us a fast, accurate, and easily re-testable process that we can carry out regularly due to the length and simplicity.

If you are interested in gaining some insight into your current Anaerobic Power levels, touch base with one of our Strength and Conditioning Coaches here at the clinic!

Herbert, P. et al., 2015. Validation of a Six Second Cycle Test for the Determination of Peak Power Output. Research in sports medicine, 23(2), pp.115–125.

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