Many women can attest to the fact that breasts and running don’t always go well together. Regardless or size, they can be a hindrance. However, the larger the breasts, the more they can impact on our running comfort and biomechanics. 

Good bras are important! If you don’t have one, get one. If you’ve had one for a while…perhaps you should think about getting a new one. 

There is very little evidence in regards to breasts and running, but we could find something! An article by Millgan et al (2015) suggested that women between 10DD and 12D who ran with a low support bra would have: increased trunk and pelvis rotation, increased pelvic drop, increased upper limb extension, and increased trunk flexion when compared to a high support bra. 

Biomechanical changes like this will certainly have implications for your risk of injury. So ladies, get fitted properly and professionally, and turn them over pretty frequently!

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