You are now required to book a time to use the gym. Bookings can be made in the clinic, over the phone, or online. Gym session times are 60min in duration, and run on the hour. This relates to both supervised sessions, and general gym use. 

If you have not booked your time, you will not be allowed access to the gym. 

Numbers are capped to ensure we adhere to government restrictions, and maintain a training environment that is safe, and clients feel comfortable in. 


When arriving for your pre-booked gym session, you are required to present first to the front desk. Yes, this means if reception are busy assisting other clients you will have to wait. 

If you have arrived before your session time, you will be asked to wait in the reception area. 

Either admin staff, or Ben will let you know when you can go through and begin your session. You are not to go through before this, unless you have been given permission.

*This does not relate to 6am supervised sessions. You may go straight through to the gym as they are the first session of the day.

Gym sessions finish on the hour to allow the next session to commence. This means you must be finished, and leaving. If you have not finished by the end of your allocated time, you will be asked to leave. 


All clients are to use hand sanitiser upon entering the clinic. 

When in the gym, you are to wipe down ALL equipment used with the gym wipes available as soon as you have finished using it.

There are both gym wipes wall mounted near the GHD and anti-viral cleaner on the desk. 

If combining exercises and sharing equipment, please communicate and check that it is okay before doing so. 

Please be mindful of others and maintain a distance of 1.5m.

Any drink bottles etc. left behind will be thrown away. 


We thank you all for your ongoing support and understanding. 

We do ask that you don’t become complacent and continue to adhere to the policies and procedures above. It is our hope that we can continue to operate in a way that allows all clients to train safely and comfortably.