MYTH: Sports drinks are always required to help you rehydrate after a high intensity or long duration event 

Many fluids can aid in hydration post event. The type of fluid is really dependant on the duration and intensity of the event and what the individual can tolerate. Water and electrolyte drinks can be sufficient in aiding in rehydration, especially when solid foods are consumed to replace carbohydrate stores. 


MYTH: As long as I have something to eat within the first 60 minutes post exercise my nutrition recovery is complete. 

Nutrition recovery continues for up to 36 hours post training stimulus. For people who complete multiple training sessions in one day or sessions in close succession across multiple days, recovery nutrition becomes extremely important. Continually following the three R’s principle will help with overall recovery. 


FACT: The body can continue to replace carbohydrates and uptake protein more effectively for up to 24 hours post exercise. 

It is important to include protein and carbohydrates in your following meals not simply the snack straight after exercise. Continuing to include both carbohydrates and protein in following meals will continue to improve overall recovery. 


FACT: Liquids are a great option for post exercise recovery and can tick all of the recovery boxes.

Many people don’t feel like having solid food straight after exercise, especially if it has been high intensity or long duration. The thought of having to chew and break down solid food can be off putting. Liquids are a great alternative in the form of a fruit smoothie with protein or even flavoured milk. These can be very palatable and help tick the protein, carbohydrate and electrolyte recovery boxes.



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