Access to The Injury Clinic Gym

You will have access to The Injury Clinic Gym to complete your training. This includes access to ‘Supervised Sessions’; these gym sessions that include the presence of a strength coach who can supervise and progress your training as required.

It is recommended that you attend at least one ‘Supervised Session’ per week as this allows strength coaches to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed. You can book online, or call the clinic to secure your spot.

You are required to book your gym time. Gym opening hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 6am – 7pm

Friday: 6am – 6pm

Saturday: 7am – 12pm

*Closed Sunday & Public Holidays

Program Review Consults

Your membership will include 1:1 program review consults. These provide an opportunity to discuss your progress, review your goals, re-test etc. Program review consults are arranged in with your strength coach.

Recovery sessions and program progressions will be discussed with you, and planned ahead. They will be accessible to you via your access to our custom clinic app. This app includes details regarding your program, training calendar, management plan, de-load weeks, testing results and wellness questionnaires.

Programs progressions will be made on an individual basis to ensure that you continue to progress and improve.

**Memberships are therefore inclusive of program progressions and modifications.


The Injury Clinic Training Singlet

You will receive a training singlet as our gift to you!


Access to Alter-G Treadmill

You will have access to the Alter-G Treadmill at no cost.


Mobility Sessions

Strength coaches at The Injury Clinic run a mobility session every week. This session is free for gym members.


Membership Fee: $67.00 Fortnightly

Start-Up Fee: $110.00 (1:1 Initial Consult & Program Design)

This is an ongoing gym membership with payments made fortnightly via direct debit. You may cancel or pause at any time in accordance with our policies outlined below. 



Should you decide not to hold a gym membership at The Injury Clinic, you will still have access to the gym at a casual rate of $20 per session. Your program review consultations with your Strength & Conditioning Coach will be 1 hour and cost $95.






– You may cancel your membership at any time by notifying the clinic via email ( or by speaking with one of our administrative staff.

– You must give at least two weeks notice to cancel your membership to ensure direct debits are stopped on time. Once your membership is cancelled, you will no longer have access to the clinic gym, programming review consults, or the clinic management and programming app. All future program review appointments will be cancelled.

Please note: If you would like to reinstate your membership, a 1:1 programming consultation will be applicable (Cost = $95.00)



– You may pause your membership at any time by notifying the clinic via email ( or by speaking with one of our administrative staff.

– While your membership is paused, you will no longer have access to the clinic gym or programming review consults. All program review appointments and gym session bookings during the paused period will be cancelled. You will retain access to the clinic management and programming app. 

– You are required to notify us of the period of time you wish to pause; you are able to pause you membership for a maximum of 8 consecutive weeks.

*Please note – when pausing a membership, there may be a delay in the stopping of payments depending on when in the payment cycle you opt to pause. This will balance out with the resumption of payments.




All contact from The Injury Clinic to members regarding any changes to gym times or clinic opening hours will be made via email

If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding your gym membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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