Are you a competitive athlete? Or do you exercise to keep fit and healthy?

Are you currently recovering from injury? Or trying to stay injury free?

The Injury Clinic Mobility Class is an essential class for everyone. 

Exercising frequently has an immense amount of health benefits, but it can also cause us to feel sore and tight in specific areas, which may decrease performance and furthermore, cause injury. 

Muscle and joint tightness is usually accompanied by pain and discomfort, and can be caused by many things such as; running, strength training, cycling, work and inactivity. This can lead to serious injuries, and strength deficiencies in muscles and joints. Therefore, adding mobility exercises to your exercise routine is vital if you are wishing to continue to stay active and prevent injury. 

This mobility class created by our strength coaches and physiotherapists, are designed to target all areas from head to toe. This will allow our clients to be mobile and flexible for exercise or their chosen sport, which will enhance physical performance, recovery, and decrease the chance of recurrent injuries. 

The session will include 3 blocks: 

  • Block 1: Release work
  • Block 2: Dynamic Rotations of Major Joints 
  • Block 3: Functional Range Conditioning

When: Starting March 9th, 6-7pm   

Where: The Injury Clinic

How Long: 60 minutes

Cost: $10 per session; Members – No cost

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