Running Injuries

Running Injuries at The Injury Clinic Geelong

Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic are experts in the diagnosis and management of running-related injuries. With our physiotherapists actively involved in research into running injuries, running technique & biomechanics; we approach running-related injuries with a great deal of clinical expertise that is well supported by a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the most recent evidence.

As with any injury, there are many factors that contribute to a running injury. Some of these factors are non-modifiable (i.e. age; gender; anatomy; injury history); but many can be addressed. We will work with you to diagnose, fix and prevent your running injury.

Possible modifiable risk factors contributing to running-related injuries can include: Training Load; Strength & Tissue Tolerance; Running Technique; Joint Mobility; Footwear; Energy Availability (Nutrition & Hydration); Recovery Strategies & MORE.

The management of running-related injuries, at The Injury Clinic often involves the whole team (Physiotherapists; Dietitian; Strength & Conditioning Coaches). By working together, we are more likely to address the factors most likely contributing to your injury, get you back and running injury-free, reduce the likelihood of future injury and hopefully have you running even better than ever!


Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic are experienced in the assessment of running technique and identifying aspects of your technique that may be either contributing to injury and/or impacting on efficiency.

We have physiotherapists who are actively involved in research into running technique and are able to provide input and advice based on both the most recent evidence and a significant amount of clinical expertise.


When considering running retraining to either prevent or manage injury, identifying the primary biomechanical factors that should be changed presents the greatest challenge. Changing one variable of running technique, such as foot strike, cannot be implemented without resulting in significant changes to other biomechanical variables.

Although clinicians typically recommend changing running technique with the primary intention of reducing symptoms and injury risk, such changes may inadvertently affect running efficiency, at least in the short term. Similarly, coaches and runners may consider a change in running technique to improve performance, yet this is likely to change tissue loading and have implications on injury risk.

Should you consider a change in running technique?

Possibly. If you are experiencing a running-related injury, having difficulty increasing running load, or have noticed a plateau in performance; analysis of running technique may provide valuable information to direct appropriate changes to running technique. However, one must remember that changing technique changes load distribution, so whilst load may reduce in some areas, it will increase through others. Our tissues need time to adapt to these changes, otherwise risk of ‘new’ injury will increase.If considering a change in running technique to improve performance, keep in mind that your tissues will need time to adapt to any changes that have been made & as a result, your performance may be negatively affected until required adaptations have occurred.

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Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy have a special interest in the diagnosis and management of running-related injuries.

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