Research at The Injury Clinic



Laura is currently enrolled in a PhD looking at Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome in recreational runners. Previously she has held a position at La Trobe University as an Honorary Associate in the School of Allied Health within the College of Science, Health and Engineering.

Last year she was the primary author of a systematic review that looked at the relationship between running foot strike and injury, biomechanics and performance; this year she has continued in the same research area and is further looking at the impact of running technique modifications on injury, and the clinical implications of advising such modifications. She has another systematic review on running technique modification in its final stages and ready for peer review.

Stay tuned as Laura shares her knowledge into running injuries.



Anderson, L.M., Bonanno, D.R., Hart, H.F. et al. What are the Benefits and Risks Associated with Changing Foot Strike Pattern During Running? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Injury, Running Economy, and Biomechanics. Sports Med 50, 885–917 (2020).

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