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Laura is currently enrolled in a PhD looking at Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome in recreational runners. Previously she has held a position at La Trobe University as an Honorary Associate in the School of Allied Health within the College of Science, Health and Engineering whilst researching running-related injuries and biomechanics.

Laura has produced published research, inclusive of a systematic review that looked at the relationship between running foot strike and injury, biomechanics and performance.

She has continued research in the area with a systematic review looking at the effect of running step rate modifications currently awaiting publication.

Stay tuned as Laura shares her knowledge into running injuries.

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Laura is currently looking for participants to be involved in a research project looking at the effect of gait retraining on tibial loads in running.


If you fit the criteria below…get in touch today!

  • Are between 18 and 45 years of age
  • Are familiar with treadmill running
  • Run an average of 20km per week for a period of greater than 6 months prior to study enrolment
  • Have not experienced a lower limb injury in the last 3 months
  • Have not undergone surgery that may impact on running gait


Participation involves

If you decide to take part in the research, you would be asked to:

  • Attend one ‘data collection session’ (approximately 60 min)
  • Complete a questionnaire that will assist us in determining your suitability for the study, and some general information regarding relevant medical history. If you are deemed appropriate for the study, further anthropometric measurements (e.g., height, body weight, etc.) will be taken.

We will measure a range of gait metrics (step length, step rate, foot strike, impact, tibial acceleration, etc.) while you run on a treadmill at both a comfortable pace, and a moderate intensity. Measurements will be taken using foot pods that will be attached to your shoelaces, and an accelerometer that will be attached to the skin over your shin.

You will be given three different gait cues in random order at each running intensity. You will be required to run with each cue for approximately 1 minute. You will be required to run for approximately 15 minutes at both a comfortable run pace, and a pace equivalent to a moderate intensity run.

Your decision to participate in research is voluntary.



The study will be conducted at The Injury Clinic, located at 100 Fyans Street in South Geelong.


For more information…

Contact Laura (E:

All participants will receive all biomechanical running data related to their running.


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