Run Strong Clinic


The Injury Clinic Run Strong Sessions.

Strength sessions are targeted at runners of all abilities. 

Whether you are currently training for a running event, or think you might in the future (fun run, marathon, triathlon…) these sessions must not be missed if you wish to improve your running performance and prevent injury.

The team at The Injury Clinic have experience working with runners of all abilities, and are actively involved in research into running injuries.


Run Strong Sessions are run over a 6 week term, allowing progression of load throughout the weeks. No experience with running or strength exercises is needed to attend the sessions. They have been designed so runners from novice through to experienced will be appropriately challenged.

Sessions will include: run specific strength & mobility exercises; education; core strength and endurance exercises.

There are hundreds of research papers that support the benefits of strength training on key running performance indicators, and we believe that there are many runners who would benefit greatly from completing strength training. The sessions will be conducted by one of our strength coaches, with input from physiotherapists. 


When? Saturdays at 7AM for 6 weeks starting May 14, 2022

Where? The Injury Clinic

How long? 60 minute sessions

Cost? Non-member: $150; Member: $100

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