Running technique can be a significant contributor to running-related injury. The way we run can result in greater load through certain tissues, and result in injury as tissues are loaded beyond what they are capable of tolerating. 

If you’ve had trouble with a running-related injury; recurrent “niggles”; poor tolerance to load increases or would like to improve your performance, a running analysis is absolutely worth considering.

At The Injury Clinic we have physiotherapists who specialise in run analysis & running-related injuries; and a strength coach with a special interest in run strength and biomechanics. 

The team at The Injury Clinic are passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to keeping you running, reaching your goals and staying injury-free. 

Whilst it is important to have your running assessed when presenting with a running-related injury, especially those that are recurrent or overuse in nature, running technique doesn’t always need to be modified. There is no perfect running technique that every runner must achieve, the way we run is influenced by a huge number of things. However, if the way we run appears to be placing additional load through injured tissues, a modification to reduce tissue load may be advised. 

There are many aspects of running technique that when altered can result in a change in tissue loading and have the potential to impact injury risk and performance. These may include (but not limited to): cadence, step length, step width, foot strike, arm swing, trunk & pelvic position.

Changes made to running technique must be dependent on individual biomechanics, injury (current or past history), running load, goals etc.; and any alterations must be made with caution, as even subtle changes will result in a change to tissue loading profile.

i.e. Changing from a RFS to a NRFS will reduce loading through the knee joint and may be beneficial in the management of patello-femoral pain, but will increase the load through tissues of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Therefore, if changes are not implemented carefully, gradually and for the right reasons, risk of injury may increase. 



Running analysis at The Injury Clinic provides a detailed and accurate assessment of your running technique. A general assessment of your technique may be performed in the clinic on a treadmill during your consult, however there is the option of a more detailed assessment should it be necessary. 



If necessary, or requested by clients, we capture footage with a portable high speed camera that is capable of filming up to 600fps. We do it outside, overground, in an environment specific to that in which you run. 

If you’re experiencing a running injury that occurs only when fatigued, or at a certain pace, we will take this into consideration and ensure the context in which footage is captured reflects the specifics of your injury. Subtle injury contributors can be clearly seen, ensuring a targeted management plan can be established. 

Recommendations regarding running technique may be made; however more often than not, findings direct management strategies targeted at motor patterning and strength. Changes to run technique can’t always be achieved with just a cue, we often need to change the way we move, our joint position or tissue strength. 




STEP #1: Run Analysis – Video capture

Duration: 40min

Location: Landy Field 

Video footage will be taken from different angles; at different speeds; in different shoes (if appropriate)

You may be given cues to alter or change your technique so comparisons can be made, and any recommendations that may be given are both appropriate and achievable. 


STEP #2: Run Analysis – Findings Discussion

Duration: 40 minutes

Location: The Injury Clinic

Footage is played back at the clinic and the results of your running analysis are discussed and explained. You will receive recommendations based on your injury or performance goals, and any significant findings evident in your run analysis.



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