We see a lot of running-related injuries at The Injury Clinic. Whilst we enjoy working with clients to help get them back running and achieving their goals, ideally we assist clients in preventing running injuries from occurring and ensure that training programs are un-interrupted.

A recent article has demonstrated a significant prevalence of both running-related injury and illness in runners training for both half marathon and full marathon events. 

They defined a running-related injury as any self-reported complaint involving muscles, joints, tendons, and/or bones deemed by the runner to be caused by running. The complaint had to be present for at least one running session and result in a reduction in the distance, speed, duration or frequency of running.

During the 16-week period leading into an event, 88.8% of runners reported a running-related injury or illness. 

65.8% reported running-related injuries; 50% of these were classified as ‘substantial’ (leading to moderate or severe reductions in training volume, or moderate or severe reductions in sports performance, or complete inability to participate in sport).

We don’t want to see you injured! Prevention of running-related injuries is absolutely possible. The team at The Injury Clinic (Physiotherapists, Strength Coaches & Dietitian) will work with you to ensure you reduce your chance of sustaining a running-related injury. 

You don’t have to be injured before you see us! Let us work with you to ensure that you achieve your goal and enjoy the training!

Franke T., Backx, F., Huisstede, B. Running Themselves Into the Ground? Incidence, Prevalence, and Impact of Injury and Illness in Runners Preparing for a Half or Full Marathon. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 2019, 49 (7), 518 – 528

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