Strength Training & Conditioning

Strength Training & Conditioning

Regardless of whether you are a weekend-warrior, recreational lover of sport & exercise or want to stay fit and active as long as you can; Strength & Conditioning programs should be considered a hugely valuable part of your exercise routine and training.

The Injury Clinic provides individual Strength & Conditioning programs designed by our Qualified Strength & Conditioning Coaches to assist you in achieving your goals.

Strength Training at The Injury Clinic includes:

  • Individual strength program
  • Access to The Injury Clinic custom app that includes: gym program; training calendar; management plan; testing results; wellness questionnaires
  • Testing & goal setting
  • Access to The Injury Clinic training facility
  • Program reviews and progressions

Strength Training & Conditioning programs in Geelong

Strength and Conditioning programs at The Injury Clinic are designed by qualified Strength & Conditioning coaches. They work closely with the team at The Injury Clinic to achieve best possible outcomes.

We recognise that all of our clients are different, with different goals, aims, strengths and weaknesses.  Strength and Conditioning programs at The Injury Clinic are individualised, and created following a 1:1 with a Strength & Conditioning coach. Programs are updated, and changed as needed with coaches in close communication with their clients.

Clients have the options of a gym membership at the clinic. Gym membership includes:

– Strength & Conditioning Program

– Program progressions

– Training Calendar

– Access to the clinic gym facility

– Supervised gym sessions

– Access to The Injury Clinic app for programming and management

– Training singlet.

Strength Training & Conditioning PROGRAM DESIGN: WHAT TO EXPECT

Initial S&C Consult: Your Strength & Conditioning coach will conduct an initial consultation that will include: a discussion regarding training goals; injury history; gym experience; activity load etc.

An individual program will then be discussed and created.

Follow-Up Programming Consult : You will be booked in for a follow up consult, or supervised gym session to allow your program to be completed in full, with the guidance and supervision of an S&C coach.

Gym Membership

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