As well as sponsoring a team of individuals as part of the Junior Athlete Development Program, The Injury Clinic is looking to offer sponsorship to a local sports team or training group. 

We are looking for players / team mates / training partners. It is an offer to individuals who train together (it doesn’t have to be your whole team or club!). You might run together, cycle together, play competition sport on the same team…we’re looking for a group of training partners!

If you play a team sport, or train for an individual sport in a group environment, we want to see if we can help you and your training partners achieve your goals!



Strength Training & Gym Access

1. Sport & Athlete Specific Strength & Conditioning Programs

Each team member will be offered the opportunity to have a strength and conditioning program designed specifically for them and their sport for the duration of the 2020 calendar year.

A bit about The Injury Clinic Strength Coach…Ben has worked with State and National level athletes during his time with the Melbourne Rebels Youth 7’s, Geelong Grammar, and the Barwon Sports Academy, along with head coaching and personal experience in representative level Football and Cricket.


2. Exclusive Team Gym Sessions

A gym session facilitated by Ben will be offered exclusively to your team / training group. This will run weekly for the duration of the 2020 calendar year. During this time, your team will have exclusive access to The Injury Clinic Gym and Ben! This session will enable supervision of your strength program, as well as program progressions as changes.

Cost: $100.00 per week. This cost is fixed, and will therefore reduce with an increase in the number of team members you can recruit. (i.e. 8 athletes = $12.50 per week per athlete; 15 athletes = $8.35 per week per athlete).



Age: All ages encouraged

Sport: Any team or individual sport

Participation Level: Any. We will take into consideration all who take their sport seriously and wish to improve their performance.

Time Commitment: Athletes will need to be able to commit to the weekly team/group gym session. The day and time of this session is negotiable, and we will endeavour to offer a time that suits all team members, however we ask that you are willing to be flexible, as we will need to fit this session around group sessions already provided at the clinic.

Additional Selection Criteria:

– Athletes must be enthusiastic and look to make the most of the opportunity

– Athletes must take a professional approach towards their sport and training



1. Applications open Friday Nov 15th and close Friday December 13th

2. Application forms are to be completed and returned to the clinic in person by Friday 12pm December 13th

3. Applications will be reviewed and select teams will progress to the next stage, at which point interviews will be conducted

4. Following interviews, a final selection will be made and team notified ASAP