1. Video Consults can be booked online via the following link:

If you have already booked your consult online…

– You will have been sent a confirmation email at the time of booking

– In addition to this, you will receive a reminder text message approximately 48 hours before your consult; This text message will have the link required to arrange prepayment

– You will also receive an email invite approximately 24 hours before your consult; your email invite will contain the link required to initiate your consult, as well as a specific meeting ID and password that will be required to join your Zoom meeting.


2. Video Consults will be conducted through Zoom (

If you are not familiar with Zoom…

We suggest that you click on the link provide in your email invite and follow the prompts well before your consult

Zoom will require a download to initiate your consultation; You will be prompted to do this once you click on the link provided in your invite email.

 To download Zoom if you do not already have it…

You will need to click on the ‘Meeting Link’ provided in your email invite

Select ‘Download and run Zoom’, this will start the download process

Click on the ‘download package’ once it is complete, and follow the prompts to ‘Join Meeting’; the Meeting ID and Password you require are also in your invite email

*You can complete this process prior to your meeting to ensure you are able to download zoom etc.; It will not impact on you being able to join your consult at the scheduled time.


3.  Prepayment 

Prepayment is required for video consults.

The link required to arrange prepayment will be provided in your reminder text message. A copy of your invoice will be emailed to you once your payment has been processed.