Similar to talks and presentations, The Injury Clinic can provide ‘Workshops’ on a variety of topics. The difference being is that we ensure a ‘workshop’ is interactive, with those attending actively participating in the session. 

It’s a different way for us to pass on valuable skills and information. 

Workshop topics / themes include, but are not limited to:


Preparation & Recovery

There are a lot of different preparation and recovery strategies, with just as much misinformation surrounding their benefit. 

The team at The Injury Clinic are passionate about ensuring the most accurate, evidence-based advice. This can be provided in an interactive format that leaves clubs and members with strategies that can be immediately implemented. 


Sports Trainer Skills

Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic specialise in the management and diagnosis of sporting injuries. They have all worked within team environments, and are always keen to pass on their knowledge to sports trainers and those responsible for player management at sporting clubs. 

These sessions can be tailored to the club and the sport to ensure only relevant and valuable information is passed on.