Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy Geelong

Sports physiotherapy can be considered as an area of physiotherapy that is specific to the diagnosis, management and prevention of sporting injuries.

Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic have a special interest in sports physiotherapy and sporting injuries. They have experience working with athletes from a recreational to elite level, across a variety of both individual and team sports.

The Injury Clinic Physiotherapists all come from different sporting backgrounds, having played, competed and worked in sports including: rowing, rugby, football, swimming, running, athletics, hockey and basketball.


  • A detailed assessment of your current injury
  • Open discussion regarding your training load, injury history, current goals and aims
  • The development of a management plan to both address your current symptoms, ensure a safe and efficient return to sport and prevent injury recurrence


  • Involvement of other team members at the clinic inclusive of strength coach, dietitian and other physiotherapists
  • AlterG treadmill sessions
  • Dry needling; Soft tissue techniques; Joint manipulation
  • Training load advice and education
  • Communication with client coaches if appropriate


Sports injuries differ from injuries sustained during day to day life. They can be acute or persistent, and often involve a number of contributing factors that need to be considered.

Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic work with clients to address all significant factors contributing to a sports injury, and endeavour to keep clients involved in sport and exercise (where possible) during the management of their injury.

We understand the impact of sustaining an injury that limits involvement in sport and exercise can have; Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic work with you to get you back to your sport as soon as possible.

Other services available at The Injury Clinic, inclusive of strength coach, AlterG treadmill and dietitian are often utilised to ensure we are doing everything we can to achieve best outcomes for our clients.

With a focus on evidence-based injury management, our physiotherapists combine the most recent research evidence and their clinical expertise to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. The Injury Clinic physiotherapists place an emphasis on injury prevention, ensuring that you not only improve, but are provided with advice in regards to preventing your injury from happening again.

What to expect

With an emphasis on ensuring you have an understanding of your injury, and a strong focus on injury prevention, Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic Geelong aim to not only address your current injury, but ensure that you are in the best place possible to stay healthy and achieve your goals.

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At The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy, we work closely with our clients to get them back doing the things they love as soon as possible.


The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy works with recreational to elite athletes to keep them injury free and achieving their goals.


All physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy are qualified and experienced in dry needling as a treatment technique.


Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy have a special interest in the diagnosis and management of running-related injuries.

Women's Health

We have physiotherapists with a special interest in Women's Health, including pre and post partum presentations. Let us work with you to stay fit, active and healthy.

Pre & Post-Operative

Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy work closely with surgeons to ensure best outcomes post surgery.


At The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy, the Alter-G can be incorporated into your training program to assist with both injury prevention and performance.


Providing both musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy services, let our physio-therapists work with you to diagnose, fix & prevent your injury.

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Strength & Conditioning

We work with clients to create individual strength programs for general fitness, management of injuries and performance enhancement.

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Diet plays an integral part in not only our wellbeing. We work closely with clients to ensure healthy and sustainable nutrition habits.

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